Club Bulletin September 4th, 2018

President Pete opened the meeting at 12:15 pm to one of the most sparse numbers of Rotarians I have ever witnessed in this club. However, the 21 people present (no visiting Rotarians and one guest) had an enjoyable meeting with good food, good fellowship and a very interesting talk by speaker Keith Wells.

Pete reminded everyone that September is Literacy and Basic Education month and then we had a rendition of O Canada, written by Jack Petrie, in honour of our very successful flag program.

   O Canada!

   Our home will fly that flag

   True patriot love though we will never brag.

   With glowing hearts we see it there,

   The Flag that says we’re free.

   From far and wide,

   Our neighbours know, we celebrate with thee.

   Please keep our home glorious and free!

   O Canada, our flags stand tall for thee.

   O Canada, it stands on guard for me.

Well done Jack and we were all in good form!

Lynnie Murray introduced one visitor, Bill Turner, and our guest speaker Keith Wells.


  Lorna spoke about the upcoming fundraiser Food Rescue Chef Challenge to be held September 29th at the Food Rescue Centre – tickets are $50 each and we need to get tickets sold for this event. Funds will be used to purchase processing equipment for the kitchen to ensure that the 34,000 people who currently have access to this food will receive even more benefit from the processing feature. This is a joint venture between the Mustard Seed, Herowork and the Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria and we need to get behind it by selling tickets. Ask Lorna, Heather or myself for tickets!

  Lorna also spoke about the global grant project with the Buckhead, Atlanta club to install educational computer lab equipment at the Victoria Native Friendship Cnetre. This will be used by First Nations people, immigrants and refugees to improve their computer skills and make them more employable. This is a $54K project and with the Buckhead club and Rotary International contributions we are only having to put $5000 cash on the table. Once again, a win win situation with matching funds.

  Eighteen people from the Buckhead club in Atlanta will arrive here on September 30th and we will entertain them for 3 days with trips to Butcharts, downtown etc etc. and the major event a $25 dinner and reception on Tuesday October 2nd in the evening. There will be NO club meeting Tuesday so this will in fact represent our meeting for the day. Please make sure you are able to attend as we need to reciprocate the hospitality provided to a number of us in Atlanta at the convention 2 years ago. There will be speakers and entertainment and Lorna in particular has gone to a lot of work putting a program together for their stay in Victoria.

  A reminder to everyone about picking up flags after the long weekend and lots of thank you’s from Joan Peggs to all who participate in the flag program. If you don’t have a flag subscription, please give consideration to getting one as this is now the signature project of our club – and a very successful one it is thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of people, too numerous to mention. Major thanks to Joan Peggs for keeping everything on track!

  Celebrations Master Jim Laing extracted a fair amount of money from everyone by playing his version of Jeopardy and the lucky ticket number was won by Joan Peggs who graciously donated her $9 to our Rotary Foundation.

Speaker Keith Wells was ably introduced by Krista Voitchovsky – Keith was a sports anchor and reporter for over 20 years with tv stations in Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria before he founded SendtoNews in 2008 and, more recently, he was announced as the Executive Director for Sport Tourism and the Greater Victoria Sport Tourism Commission. The purpose of Sport Tourism is to better align organizational resources in Greater Victoria into one sport-focused entity and to strategically focus on bringing multi-sport large-scale events to Victoria in the future. Meetings are underway to determine which events they will start bidding on, in particular they will bid for the 2022 Invictus Games and events like the Canadian Brier (curling). They have won a bid for the 55+ BC Senior Games and will find out in the next 2-3 weeks what year it will be, probably 2020 or 21. The economic impact of these events is huge, in the $100M range, and coming up in December 2018 is the World Junior Hockey Tournament. Keith is also working on an idea to bring a Golden Week of Hockey to Victoria which would be in conjunction with the Pacific Cup Senior Men’s Hockey tournament held annually, and which would include celebrating NHL stars of the past, a card show, craft breweries and an alumni game, all slated for January 2020. An excellent and entertaining/informative presentation, Keith was suitably thanked by former co-worker Lori McLeod.

  The meeting was adjourned by President Pete at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Joan Firkins



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