Rotary Club of Oak Bay.

Bulletin – August 21, 2018


By Sabrina Corraini


President, Peter Lawrie chaired the meeting.


Visitors and guests:

Nicole Quast (Interact)

Lara Wilson (speaker)

Sarah Lett (guest of Janna Gisler)




Wendy Townsend: Global Grant has been approved!  Also, in the meantime, a group from the Atlanta Rotary club are coming to visit on Oct 2nd.  There will be no noon meeting that day, but instead an evening meeting. It will be buffet-style at the Hotel, and a similar cost to our lunch meeting.  Also, the Atlanta Club members will host us for a prosecco and appetizer reception in the grand lobby before dinner.  Mark your calendars…more information to follow!


Janette Nation: Thrifty’s smile cards…if you haven’t got one and want one, get one from Janette or ask our cashier (they’re kept in the cash box). All you need to do is load it up at the Thrifty’s till before you check out and 5% of everything you spend on the card goes to our Rotary club.  Right now, we’re using these proceeds to pay for a refillable water station for a middle school because their existing one was breaking down and had lead in it. These cards don’t cost you anything and the program directly benefits the club!


Pete Lawrie spoke on behalf of Anne McIntyre: Anne is providing relief and supplies for evacuees from the BC forest fires. Tonight from 6-8 pm is the Disaster Aid Volunteer Night. Come and lend a hand if you’re free. You can also donate online to


Celebrations Master:

Wynn issued fines for people sitting before the meeting started and for not standing up once Pete Lawrie opened the meeting.  He also referenced the Economist magazine’s issue about climate change, asking members to describe their own experiences with extreme weather.



Pablo: sad to be leaving the club, happy to be with Ceci.



Heather won the draw, but didn’t get the right marble to win the big pot.


Nicole Quast

Nicole has now graduated from Oak Bay High and is headed to Wilfrid Laurier University to pursue a business degree.  She shared  her experiences with Interact and, specifically, her time at Adventures in Citizenship, which our club sponsored her to attend.


She was the Interact Club President for 3 years in a row, and said that joining interact in grade 9 was one of the most formative experiences of her high school years. She thanked our club for everything we’ve done to support her Rotary journey.

Nicole shared some photos from AIC.  The theme from conference was “What it Means to be a Canadian Citizen” and she was able to watch a citizenship ceremony.  She also was able to sit in Trudeau’s MP seat.  She said the friendships she made at the conference are lasting ones and that 3 Prime Ministers have attended AIC, so you never know if one of her peers (or she!) will be leading our country one day.


As Nicole concluded her presentation, Joan Firkins presented Nicole with a Paul Harris Fellow and pin on behalf of our club.



Our speaker today was Lara Wilson, Director, Special Collections & University Archivist (University of Victoria libraries).  She spoke about the life and archives of Saul Holiff (Johnny Cash’s manager).


You can see the online exhibit by visiting


Saul Holiff was born in 1925 in London, ON.  From 1961-73 he was Johnny Cash’s manager.  UVic came into possession of Mr. Holiff’s archives through his son Jonathan, who had spent years combing through all of his father’s memorabilia and scrapbooks.


Saul earned a BA in History from UVic in 1983 after he retired, which he said was his proudest achievement.  He funded a scholarship for mature students from 1984-88.  He later moved to Nanaimo, where he died in 2005.


Lara showed us a photo of Saul at OBBH in 1986, which is included in the exhibit.


Anyone is welcome to visit the physical archives at UVic – they are public. Opening hours are Mon-Fri from 9-4 from September to April, and Mon-Fri from 10-2 during the summer months.  The exhibit will be on display in perpetuity.


Lara also promoted the UVic Library Community borrowers card – it’s free!  Visit call 250-721-8230.  This card gives you online access to the digital collections.


At the end of Lara’s presentation, she was presented with an Oak Bay Rotary coffee mug as a thank you.


Peter Lawrie ended the meeting by recognising people in the club:

– Jim Laing for volunteering in the lunch program for food rescue, and also for having organised a bunch of speakers for upcoming meetings.

– Janette, Jack, and Sandy (and others not here today) for forming a backup choir last week.


One last thing to note:

September 29 is the food rescue challenge fundraiser. Lorna will send out a link on how to buy tickets. Heather has tickets today to buy. $50 each.


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