Rotary Club of Oak Bay

Bulletin: 9 October, 2018

By Jim Laing




President Petercalled the small gathering of 20 members together at 12.15 pm.

Lynne introduced guestsClare Wakefield and Lorri Beaulieu.

For our Rotary Moment, Lynne was asked by Peter to describe why she is a Rotarian. She spoke of her eighteen years of service and being a Paul Harris Fellow.

Peter reminds us of next week’s meetingat the Victoria Golf Club. Guests will be Memory & Chris Johnson of APU, the Malawi Girls School. Peter thanked all those that helped with the Buckhead event and the Food Rescue, Chef’s Challenge. Both events were very successful.

Janette Nationwas Fines Master. She raised some cash asking questions about contents of various cocktails. Being professional drinkers, we were seldom stumped for answers! Neil Rawnsley won the 50-50, but drew a clear marble.

It was a Club Dayand Steve Sharlow and John Jordan led three groups with the following questions,

*“What fits in to our expectations and hopes for the future of our Club?”

*“What sort of project or activity would inspire you?”

*“From four categories of Club activities (Fellowship, Youth Development, International Service and Local Community Service)

identify examples of which one engages you most?”

Members sat in groups of six and filled out answers and their opinions on those topics. Response to the work shop should be available in a couple of weeks.

Joan Firkinsreminds members to complete and return the survey forms as soon as possible to her.

Lorna Curtishas put together an October calendarprintout that shows the meeting details for the month and the flip side details our projects of past and present – great idea Lorna – thank you!

Reminder: Next meetingOctober 16 at Victoria Golf Club at 12:00 noon.

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