Rotary Club of Oak Bay

Bulletin, 18 September 2018

By Wynn Taylor


President Petercalled the meeting to order and said he looked forward to hearing about our signature projects.
Michelle LeSagedelivered the invocationand later did double duty by introducing the visiting Rotarians and guests.
Paul Lewis              Our Guest Speaker
Brenda Davies        Paul’s Mother
Nacho Perez           Guest of John Jordan
Laurie Beaulieu.      Guest of the Membership Committee


Joan Peggsreminded us of the fundraiser on 29 September and said she is still seeking donation to the gift basket(s).
Please bring your donations next week.
Lorna Curtishas the sign-up sheet for the Atlanta Buckhead dinneron 2 October. The hotel needs to know the number of members and guests attending. The $31 cost will include a prosecute (sic) reception courtesy of the Atlanta Buckhead club. Lorna has a number of volunteers but still needs a driver to take two visitors to Butchart Garden on 1 October.

Lorna has tickets to theChef Challenge fundraising event to be held on 29 September. Volunteers are still needed for the event. Set up is the previous afternoon ending at 7.00pm and take down is after the event at about 3.30 pm.
President Peterspoke about our three signature projects.

  • The Carnarvon Water Park.Over 30 years we have provided financing, an annual clean up and painting work-parties, in partnership with the Municipality. Thousands have enjoyed this facility.
  • The Food Rescue Program.We provide financing, and volunteers in food sorting, preparation and distribution. Our club partners with other local Rotary clubs and the Victoria Foundation as well as Thrifty Foods. Thousands of people, including children, have benefited from this project. The Challenge on 29 September is to raise funds towards a commercial kitchen.
  • The Native Friendship Centre. In partnership with the Atlanta Buckhead Club we are providing a computer learning centre. As a result of District and Global grants we have created about $54,000 USD for this project. We will reciprocate by leading a literacy project in Atlanta South. Join us for dinner at the OB Beach Hotel on 2 October and take the opportunity to meet and welcome the Buckhead delegation. While here, they will be touring the Food Rescue Program and the Native Friendship Centre and we are invited to join them.


Jimmy T. Laing, Celebrations Master.

Jim started by asking who is the greatest hockey player ever? After multiple responses the correct answer was revealed as being Wayne Gretzky (99) aka The Great One.
Jim’s Jeopardy style questions were based on Gretzky’s career. Gretzky won the Scoring Trophy 10 times and the most valuable player trophy seven times.
He was a statistician’s dream. What is the significance of the following numbers?    894, 1063 and 2087. If ever you need an accountant look to Rod Sim who answered correctly….Gretzky’s career number of goals, number of assists and their combined total.
Happy and Sad;

Gary was thankful for the anonymous help last week in taking down the flags.
Lynn…hoping Jim is no longer the Celebrations Master next week….sorry Lynn.
Joan P…is meeting the Rotary delegation visiting from New Zealand.
Art…moving his office from Pandora to Cloverdale.
Sandy…a night out with the OB United Church Men’s Club.

Jason is celebrating his first year of marriage and Tom C his 44th.
The draw. Jim Laing’s ticket was drawn, but he drew a clear marble.

Our Guest Speaker…..Paul Lewis
Rod Sim introduced Paul by reading his biography.
Paul attended Spectrum High School and went into the restaurant business but then had trouble with drugs. His addiction spiralled out of control and he began stealing to buy drugs. He was convicted of a theft at the Four Mile House Liquor Store. Imprisoned he revived his interest in art and his talent was recognized.
He recognized that many people like him came from stable and happy families and yet ended up in addiction.
Through art he was able to rise above his problems. He served two years of an eight- year sentence and was given early parole for good behaviour.
He started his art career in pointillism (dot art), moved into acrylics and then sculpture.
He taught himself First Nations art and most of his works are in this style. Paul brought several of his painting with him which were displayed at the front of the room, the centrepiece being, ‘Dinner for Two,’ a sculpture of two bald eagles and a salmon.
In the question period Paul talked about his love for Esquimalt Lagoon where he went regularly to enjoy nature and do art. You can find many of his works on display at the beach there.
He has donated works to the Goldstream Party Nature Conservatory and you can find his work in their Nature House.
Paul’s mother spoke briefly of her pride in her son, of her pride that he has been an inspiration to so many others.

Eugen thanked Paul and Brenda for sharing his inspiring journey and hopes to visit Esquimalt Lagoon to see his works.

President Peter adjourned the meeting.


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