Rotary Club of Oak Bay

Bulletin, 25 September, 2018

By Jack Petrie




Sun shining in from a sparkling September day in our world-famous meeting spot. How fortunate we are.

Prior to a delicious Thai-themed buffet, stand-in Chair Tavopened, we sang for our country and shared an invocationmoment led by Lynnie. Steve Sharlow welcomed our guests,Bob Schelle, Lori Beaulieu and our speaker Julie Chadwick.

Announcementscovered topics such as

  1. (Lorna) No lunch meeting Tuesday October 2ndreplaced with a dinner meeting at the hotel hosting our Atlanta, Georgia Rotary guests. They are working with our club on an exciting venture. How unique! How Rotarian!
  2. (Lorna) Food Rescue tickets available for the ‘Chef Challenge’ fundraiser for the Food Rescue Project, Saturday Sept. 29th, 1:30-4:30.
  3. (Joan Peggs) straw poll about a family picnic possibility at Willows Beach mid-October. Might go ahead. Stay tuned.
  4. (Joan Firkins), Please respond to the survey about the Health of our club. Now, asap, immediately if not sooner. Joan needs to move forward with the information shared.
  5. (Tav) the nominating committee is meeting after lunch. Who will help lead our club going forward? Maybe YOU!

This scribe notes that Tav did a remarkable job skillfully articulating, or perhaps that’s ‘steamrolling’, a couple of points through sort of holding his own soliloquy at the podium. He didn’t actually change the very core of our existence but he certainly got some things done. I was impressed. Saved time too.

Jim Laingwas our Celebrations Masterand though famously shy around a microphone tumbled his way through another round of Rotary Jeopardy about Canadian facts. What fun. He raised some loot, baffling the hordes assembled. Jack said something, Janette said something, Gary said something. You shoulda been there. Don O’Coffey had the winning ticket and not only that, he drew the special black marble and took home a wad of cash. I wonder if he’ll buy something nice for wife Betty? Shall we ask her later? Maybe not.

Our speakerwas introduced by Atam. Julie Chadwick is a writer living in Nanaimo and an award-winning author of a well-reviewed book about Saul Holiff, a Canadian who managed Johnny Cash for many years. The book is called ‘The Man Who Carried Cash’ from which she read and took us to the drama and chaos of being on the road with Johnny during his drug and alcohol-soaked episodes, before he converted deeply to Christianity. Sounds like the route of a lot of famous musicians. Amazing they still perform and Johnny the story went, was no exception. He’d get up off the floor and do 2 back to back shows as the adoring audiences roared their affection.  A fascinating bit of history.

Perry thanked our speaker who sold several of her books afterwards.

Meeting adjourned. Back out to the sunshine.


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