Rotary Club of Oak Bay

Bulletin, 11 December, 2018

By Wynn Taylor


This date was scheduled for the AGM of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay and the Oak Bay Rotary Club Foundation. Supporting documents were circulated in advance by email and a limited number of them were available on the tables. (Thank you Tav). If anyone wishes to receive a hard copy please ask Tav.

President Peter called the meeting to order, we sang the National Anthem and Steve Sharlow gave the Invocation (Grace). We then enjoyed bangers and mash with a salad, soup and desserts.

Jack Petrie introduced the visiting Rotarians and Guests. There were no visiting Rotarians…perhaps deterred by the windy, rainy weather. Guests were Adam Farquharson, guest of Jack Petrie and Clare Wakefield (his last guest appearance before joining our Club).


Peter: We have received a thank you letter from the Food Rescue Chefs Challenge.

As was announced later the Chefs Challenge is now at $33,000. This amount will be matched by the Victoria Foundation.

Ron Cooley thanked those who helped with the Merrython Run.

We are still missing a couple of vests and cones…please return them if you know their whereabouts.

Neil Rawnsley thanked those who had volunteered for the Salvation Army Kettles on Oak Bay Avenue.

Volunteering can widen your perspectives. Many great stories about the work of the Salvation Army are shared by donors. There are nine more shifts to be staffed. Let’s get the job done and fill them up.

Joan Peggs of the silly headgear thanked those who helped with the poinsettias. The numbers were slightly down, but the revenue was slightly up at $1,800.

Joan Peggs announced that the price of next week’s Christmas Luncheon (18 December) has increased from $23 to $28.  There are still tickets available. If you wish to attend speak to Joan.

New Member Induction:

Joan Firkins, with the help of sponsor Rod Sim, presided over the induction of Clair Wakefield as our newest member.

Clair will hold the category of Acoustic Engineer and you can appreciate his skill every time you attend The Dave Dunnett Theatre at Oak Bay High School. The members enthusiastically welcomed Clair into their midst.

Heather Aked, presided over the Annual General Meeting of the Oak Bay Rotary Foundation.

Will Carter presented the Financial Reports as audited by George Pritchard.  The motion for acceptance was carried.

Tav Macpherson presented the slate of candidates for the Board of our Foundation as put forward by the Nominating Committee. Tav thanked Heather Aked and Joan Peggs for their work as they retire. The slate of Will Carter, Ron Cooley, Nils Jensen, Victoria Pitt, Rod Sim and Jamie Talbot was approved by acclamation.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

President Peter presided over the AGM of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay.

Past President Wendy’s report had been previously circulated and was accepted as presented.

Art Joyce presented the Treasurer’s Report as circulated. He said it was pretty much the same as last year.

George Pritchard continues as auditor. President Peter thanked Art for stepping in mid-year and doing a fine job.

Tav Macpherson gave the report of the Nominating Committee and Vicki Pitt conducted the election. The nominated slate was elected by acclamation.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Celebrations Master Tav Macpherson:

Fines: A loonie for those without a name tag or Rotary pin. Jack Petrie was fined for making a cruel and demeaning joke about Heather Aked  when he had uttered the same joke about Tav just a few minutes earlier. The Uplands Golf Club, soon will have a new member in addition to Tav and Tom Croft; none other than Our President Peter has applied. Once he is accepted perhaps he should be fined the value of his handicap. Joan Firkins for looking glum while she welcomed Clair.

As we had additional time different tables were asked to pose potentially fining questions to adjacent tables.

Karen fined anyone not wearing red. Ann M fined anyone going away for the holiday season. Ron C fined anybody who had not recently been to the barber/hairdresser. Janna fined anybody who had not purchased a Christmas gift from a locally owned merchant.

Michelle LeSage and Sanjay Uppal are celebrating birthdays this week. Rod Sim is celebrating an anniversary (16).

Happy and Sad Dollars: Jack P bought a scarf from Interact which Brannen liked and now its hers. Jack recommended that Interact get more of those Guatemalan scarves. Nils J was happy to be here for his first full meeting.

The Draw….Guest Adam drew Ann M’s ticket but she drew the clear marble.

President Peter ended the meeting by having us all stand and recite the Rotary Four Way Test.

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