President Peter chaired today’s meeting and started with the National Anthem. This was followed by an Invocation delivered by Steve.

Lunch, as usual, was fantastic with nice salad, roasted vegetables, and pork loin. Oak Bay Beach Hotel rocks, and meals are well worth the $23.

After lunch was over, Don introduced our visitors. These were Adam Farquhar and Tony Dason.

We also had visiting Rotarians: Cheryl Thomas, Chris Causton and Allan Lingwood, who also happened to be our speaker.

Jack presented a short photo collage of pictures taken of our club Rotarians in action: food rescue, Merryton etc. One conclusion from this show was that Rotarians can wear many hats (literally and figuratively).

Neil gave a short, and to the point presentation on Salvation Army kettle project. Many members signed up but we still need more. It is good idea to pair up with others, so the time passes by much faster. Also, the last hour of the shift is usually shorter, so those who signed up for the second last hour might consider extending it a bit. Signing up is super easy with the self explanatory form.

Cheryl Thomas announced that Christmas cakes are for sale now. Credit cards and cash are accepted.

Joan extended invitation to Christmas brunch on December 18. It will cost only $23 if paid by December 11, late comers are looking at $28 cost.

Lynnie advised everybody to check Rotary calendar for January, February, and March and make sure that they can perform assigned functions.

Pablo invited everybody to the concert on Sunday. It is free.

Tav announced that the next week meeting will be the  AGM for club and for the Fundation. He presented names of members that will be up for election.

John Jordan is ready to leave for Rwanda. He would gladly accept donation of laptop computer(s) for his project there.

Following announcements, Tav took to the podium in the role of a Celebration Master.

Most substantial fines were collected from members who did not sign up for the kettle , merryton or other activities.

Following this, all sung “Happy Birthday to you…” to Wolff. He looked happy to hear this.

Happy/sad dollars commenced with Sabrina announcing that her second  child is on his way (it’s a boy). Congratulations !!!!!

Jack, Wendy, Cheryl and Lynnie all contributed to the happy dollar pool.

The winner of 50/50 draw today was President Peter. This concluded the administrative part of our meeting.

Lynnie introduced our speaker who was a fellow Rotarian Allan Lingwood, the Chief Compliance Officer of The Original Farm, a business involved in sale of cannabis. His company strives to provide best selection of products, and most professional staff.

He provided us with the overview of recently introduced legislation, and with some interesting statistics like the fact that the average client of his business is a female over 40. Generally in Victoria there are 5300 clients age over 60.

The Original Farm contributed $150,000 to the cancer research.

Q&A session followed. There were many questions, too many for the time allotted. Eugen came up to the podium to thank the speaker for very interesting and illuminating presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35.

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