Rotary Club of Oak Bay

Bulletin, 13 November, 2018

by Wendy Townsend


President Peter chaired the meeting and invited everyone to sing the National Anthem. Karen shared a heartfelt invocation. Lunch followed and it was delicious! Fresh bread (do they bake those baguettes???), butter, ancient grains and arugula salad, roasted vegetables, shepherd’s pie, vegetable soup with spicy sausage. Wow!  Of course there were also a nice assortment of dessert pastries and tarts.

Ali introduced our guestsClair Wakefield and Nils Jensen, past Honorary member and now a soon to be member.

Peter opened the floor for announcements. Joan reminded everyone about the poinsettias sales. Orders should be submitted to Joan by Nov 23 and the delivery date is Nov 30

Tav shared the excellent news that the Nominating Committee was in the final stages of completing a full slate of directors for the 2019-20. The final list of Directors will be shared at the December AGM. While Tav said the process was 99.9% complete, he also indicated there was still time for anyone interested in serving on the Board next year to speak to him. Lynnie asked if she was included on the Board next year to which we all responded `yes`. We would never let the Administration Director off that easily!!! I wondered how small the person had to be to fill the .1% vacancy…

Peter announced that the East Timor project was now deemed complete! The reports are online and everyone is happy. This is terrific news for our Club as it means we can now move forward with the VNFC project. A huge thank you to Peter for tracking down our Rotary partners in East Timor, securing the necessary information and ensuring the reporting requirements were met to complete this project. It required persistent patience!

Steve told us about the 2nd Interact breakfast held on 8 November. It was well received. Ron attended and invited the students to volunteer for the Merrython run this December. The response was positive; as well, the students asked if they would be able to volunteer ringing the Christmas bells for the Salvation Army kettle campaign. The next Interact breakfast will be held Dec 6th at 8 am. All are welcome and encouraged to join Steve for the breakfast. Steve also shared information regarding the long term youth exchange program and the short term youth exchange program. Interviews have been conducted for applicants for both exchanges and it is hoped to have 2 students participate in each type.

Gary invited members to join the Community Services Committee meeting to be held immediately following lunch today in the DFR. There will soon be an email inviting members to sign up for shift of ringing bells for the Salvation Army kettle campaign.

Anne M shared exciting news about an expansion in the area of service for Soap for Hope. There is a lot more product now that partnerships have been established with hotels in Vancouver, Tofino, Kelowna, Kamloops and Whistler. Huge orders for kits are coming in and all hands on deck are needed to help put the kits together. If you can spare an hour or two please come down to the warehouse Tuesday Nov 27th from 6 to 8 pm. Or during the day on Monday and Wednesday.

Lorna was invited to take the podium as Celebration Master. Lorna didn’t ask a lot of tough questions, but she did extract a lot of money from the group by fining large groups for doing something, or not doing something.  Ie. Do you have animal prints anywhere in your wardrobe? (Lorna was bedecked in leopard) Did you contribute to the Foundation online? Are you signed up on myRotary? She even said she was going to fine everyone who wasn’t attending the lunch ( a little heads up for next week folks!) It seemed to be a very efficient, effective and amusing way to maximize the collection!

Happy and Sad Dollars

Lynnie fined herself $2 for losing and then finding her iPad. Lynnie also donated $20 to the pot in gratitude for Wynne’s support at Jill’s passing. Sandy and Barb celebrated their anniversary Nov 12 for a happy $2, Will and Jill had a fabulous 3 ½ week trip to Cheshire, Sicily and Rome for a happy $5. Anne M donated to the pot for her upcoming trip to Fogo Island. I can’t recall if that was a happy or a sad dollar (could go either way this time of year!!).

Art won the 50-50 draw, but not the pot

Peter gave Ali the floor as our lead for today’s topic, the Rotary Foundation. (TRF) Before getting into the presentation Ali invited Neil to go over the Tax Auction taking place at our next meeting. Neil was happy to explain how it would work as well as answer some questions. We all know to bring our cheque books for Nov 20th meeting!

Ali shared a beautiful, simplified flow chart identifying the multiplying effect of donations to TRF. She explained what happens with the money we donate to the Rotary Foundation, how it is returned to communities and the multiplying effect of donations. A great example of this is our Global Grant for the Victoria Native Friendship Centre. Our Club is providing $5,000, and we have been approved for a Global Grant of $54,900. There are also tax incentives to donate to TRF; approximately 25% of your donation is a charitable tax credit on your tax return.

Wendy was then invited to speak about the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and the Global Grant we received approval recently. This project will be the highlight of the next year as funding is soon to be released.  Wendy provided a brief PowerPoint presentation outlining the Global Grant application process with particular attention given to the VNFC project. While the process took 2 years from idea to approval we can feel very satisfied that our patience and persistence paid off!  As the project unfolds Wendy will keep the Club informed of the progress, particularly if there are any hands on opportunities to assist. Wendy acknowledged all the work that had been done by the other members of the GG Committee (Jim Force, Peter Lawrie, Lorna Curtis and Lawrence Lewis) with special acknowledgement to the efforts of our President Peter for his gentle, yet tenacious, approach to settling the East Timor GG so we could begin the VNFC GG.

Ali offered to help anyone wishing to complete an online donation to the Foundation after the meeting.

President Peter adjourned the meeting.

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