Rotary Club of Oak Bay

Bulletin, 6 November, 2018

by Tav Macpherson


Past President Wendy chaired the meeting and invited Sandy to join her at the podium to lead the singing of our National Anthem. Following the energized vocals Lori delivered her self styled and thoughtfulinvocation. A stimulating start to the meeting was followed by an excellent soup, sandwich and dessert buffet at the Victoria Golf Club.

Lynnie introduced our guests: Ruth Toney, perhaps a prospective member? Our guest speaker is Stewart Turnbull from V2V Vacations who was accompanied by two of his associates, Tianda Harris (sales) and Ian Conn (technical coordinator).

Announcements were not in short supply but this is healthy for communications within the club. If you don’t participate you won’t know!

Ali promoted the Rotary Foundation and included an illustration placed on the tables that showed the benefits of gifting to TRF. She also announced the great receipt auction to be held on 20 November. Come out and have some fun either bidding or watching those who do.

Joan P made a presentation to Past President Wendy and past club TRF Chair Joan F. The certificate recognised the Club members for last year’s generous donations to Polio Plus.  Joan P also promoted the Christmas poinsettia sale and asked for orders to be placed by 23 November.  She further asked club members to collect Times Colonist Butchart Garden passes which will be donated to George Jay Elementary School. 

Steve promoted the Interact breakfast, held on 8 November.

Wendy discussed the Remembrance Day service at the Oak Bay Cenotaph. President Peter will be representing the Club and laying a wreath. It is hoped that many of our members will attend.

Gary announced that a Community Services committee meeting will be held next Tuesday, 13 November.

Special General Meeting of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay.

At 12.45 pm, Past President Wendy T called a special general meeting of the Club. She announced that a quorum was present. Victoria P reported on the transitioning of the Club Constitution and By-laws to the requirements of the new Society’s Act. She explained the amendment and introduced a motion of acceptance, asking for a second. V. Pitt/ N. Rawnsley. Motion carried. The Special General meeting was adjourned.

Special General Meeting of the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay.

Joan P, chaired the meeting and declared that a quorum existed. Victoria again outlined changes to the Constitution and By-laws of the Club Foundation, bringing them in line with the requirements under the new Societies Act. While there was a greater number of changes than for the club, the motion to accept them was introduced (V. Pitt/J. Firkins) and carried.  The Special General Meeting was adjourned.

Wendy returned to chair the meeting and thanked Victoria for her diligent work in preparing for the transition meetings.

Celebrations Master.

Joan F extracted celebration dollars from all and sundry with a highly varied series of fines. There was a wide selection of happy and sad dollars after which Wendy, assuring us of no possible collusion, won the draw but did not pull the black marble.

Our Guest Speaker.

Wynne introduced our guest speaker, Stewart Turnbull, from V2V, more formally known as Vancouver to Victoria Vacations.

V2V is a subsidiary of Riverside Marine headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. The company is in its 92nd year and is being run by a third generation of the founding family. Having started with gravel barges, currently the company has varied activities including coastal transportation, ferries and water taxis. The company saw an opportunity in British Columbia and decided to open the upscale connection between Vancouver and Victoria.

Stewart had been a cruise Director with Celebrity Cruises but also saw opportunity. He settled here five years ago and is happy to be resident in beautiful Victoria. He helped V2V open their business and they became operational in May, 2017. Part of their philosophy is to be very supportive of the communities in which they work (thus Stewart’s shadowed jaw line – it is Movember).

The vessel embarks on the three-hour cruise every day during peak season, which is March to October, but not in the winter months. Part of their image presented to an upscale market is comfort. Blustery weather and violent seas would not enhance this image. The 38-meter catamaran, powered by two 6,000 horse-power jet engines, departs from The Steamship Terminal in the Port of Vancouver at 8.00 am and returns from Victoria at 4.00 pm. It journeys through the Salish Sea and when weather and traffic conditions permit, cruises through the scenic Gulf Islands.

The clientele is made up partially of local business and pleasure travelers but many of the travelers are tourists who want to take a day trip between the two cities. There are two decks with different levels of service, the main deck with Premium Class and the upper deck with Royal Class. Both have leather seats and wi-fi but there is full service for the top end where there are also reclining seats and tables as an option. In either case, the experience emphasises luxury and premium service. In line with the commitment to the community, local produce is used as much as possible. Catering is by Truffles and produce, craft beer, cider and wine all come from BC.

Travelers are advised to book early (five days or more) so that they can be assured of the best seat choice. There are discounts for members of the armed services, seniors and members of BCAA. Stewart indicated “off the record” that there might be deep discounts (maybe as high as 50%) for people who buy a book of vouchers on Black Friday. You heard it first right here!

There was time for a number of questions before Alyx thanked our guest speaker and his associates for joining us. She wished them well as V2V moves forward in the local tourist industry.

Wendy adjourned the meeting.

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