Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Bulletin, 8 September 2020
By Kris Zmudzinski
President Steve called the zoom meeting to order at 12:15pm with 24 Rotarians attending. The National Anthem video was followed by the invocation delivered by John Jordan (theme-gratitude!)
Guests:  There were no visiting Rotarians or guests today.
The Rotary Foundation. Joan F showed a short Foundation video. Last year the world wide contributions to TRF were a healthy $408 million (USD). These important contributions enable Rotarians to do projects all over the world.
John Jordan announced information about Ceci and Pablo’s concerts at the farm. The next event will be on Sunday, 19 September, commencing at 4.00pm and will be about 45 minutes long. And is at the same location in Saanich. This location is very pleasant but is somewhat remote.  John indicated that prior to the concert there would be a bike ride to which all are invited. After the concert a visit to Church and State Winery would be a good way to end the day.
Chris Kershaw invited those interested to help with some gardening at the Refugee House in Oak Bay. The grand opening of the home is 19 September and we can help make the house look well kept with some minor gardening.  Please consider coming out on 10 September and/or 14 September at 2.00pm. All the details have been circulated by email from Chris.
Club Day.
After announcements, members went into their committee virtual break out rooms.
The Community Services Committee, chaired by Wendy Townsend
Chris Kershaw has volunteering opportunities for those interested in gardening at the refugee house.
John Jordan. On Saturday, 19 September there will be a music event at a residential home benefiting the refugee society and marking their official opening. We can each make a contribution by doing some gardening. The occupants are arriving in October. John commented on Pablo’s and Ceci’s concerts, noting that attendance is low at about 33 people who are typically the usual Pablo and Ceci supporters. The location is somewhat remote which possibly limits attendance. People are concerned about social distancing.  In order to raise interest for the next event John suggested a bike ride in Saanich culminating at the concert destination. The nearby Church and State Winery is a nice location for an after-concert refreshment. The concert will start around 4.00pm.
Wendy Townsend summarized other community projects.
We will not be doing the poinsettias fundraiser this year.
There was discussion of a request for help from a community school teacher. We should find more detail if the need is still outstanding. Perry said that we need a written request before moving ahead.
New ideas: Perry asked if we have a fund-raising committee?  Adam chairs this active committee.
We should rely on this committee for fundraising activities and be sure not to duplicate effort.
Wendy indicated that the ongoing project with an Atlanta club is on hold
The Flag Project continues to be the Club’s key fund-raising activity and there is a healthy stream of people enquiring about it. The website is the best way to sign up.
The Salvation Army will do their kettle program this year and we will participate.
Membership Committee, chaired by Ben Smillie
In attendance – Ben Smillie, Lynne Murray, Jim Hicke, Andrew Bekes
Points of discussion:
Review of the adopted recruiting plan. ACTION – follow up with Wolf, Tav and Sandy to see if they have been and review contacts with their teams.
Need for exit interview with outgoing members, regarding feedback of the club etc. ACTION – create exit survey and personal phone call with each member who leaves.
Need for membership to be more present in members’ minds. ACTION – (at least) monthly Membership minute during meeting – content to be determined.
Other ways to recruit members: Public exposure (discussion of Royal Oak’s hotdog sales as successful fundraiser/promotion) Speakers as potential members: Targeting fire chief and police chief in oak Bay ACTION – contact Heather Aked re: booking of fire chief and police chief to speak, then engage them re: membership Jim Hicke to target Oak Bay municipal “structure” to see if we can involve them as potential speakers/members.
At 1pm all committees returned to the Club meeting.
Celebrations Master: Tav is this month’s celebration master.
He praised Ron Cooley (who was not present at this meeting) for his service to our Club. Ron’s Rotary membership anniversary was 1 September.
Fines: Tav presented a series of funky questions and we all answered by writing answers on paper. All answers were B. Tav reminded us that all club members owed seven dollars from last week. Fines double after six days.
Happy dollars; Lynne, Peter, Heather, Bryan
President Steve thanked us all for our attention.  Next week our guest speaker will be PDG Craig Gillis who will tell us about TRF
Joan presented two videos: Lorna doing crazy things on a motorcycle and a Covid-19 parody.
Meeting adjourned at 1:15pm.
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