Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Bulletin, 15 September, 2020
By Clair Wakefield
Past President Joan hosted the zoom pre-meeting chat session during which the main topic of conversation was the smoky air and its effects on club activities.
President Steve kicked off the meeting and gave a brief weather report after which the national anthem was performed by a large, physically-distanced women’s choir. Lorna Curtis delivered the invocation which focused on gratitude.
Guests: Joan Peggs introduced the two guests: Past District Governor Craig Gillis (also today’s speaker) and Katie Coard, Assistant Governor and Public Image Director with the Rotary Club of Westshore.
  • Joan F acknowledged Janette who had to get up very early in Australia to join the meeting.
  • Three club members were awarded Paul Harris Pins: Janette has earned a Paul Harris + 2, Ceci a Paul Harris +2 and Pablo a Paul Harris +3. Congratulations and thanks to each of them.
  • Katie Coard complimented OB Rotary on continuing to hold regular meetings and on their ongoing commitment in the Covid environment.  She then announced a District Event (an online Polio Eradication meeting) that will occur on September 17 from 3.00-6.00pm.
  • Tav updated us on Membership awareness.  He noted that we have 3 new members this year and asked that everyone in the club take the importance of membership to heart. In order to maintain awareness, he indicated that all club members have been assigned to a team leader who will contact them quarterly to encourage them to look out for potential new members. He noted that quality is as important as quantity.
Guest Speaker:
Atam introduced this week’s speaker, Past District Governor Craig Gillis of the Campbell River Daybreak Club.  After overcoming some technical snafus, Craig gave us a very informative presentation about the Rotary Foundation (TRF).  
Craig’s PowerPoint presentation is available HERE.
Some of the highlights of his presentation are listed below:
Presentation Goals:
Understand how TRF works; contributions go into “3 Buckets”: Polio Plus, Annual Fund and Endowment Fund.
Remind us that 24 October is World Polio Day.
Remind us that November is Foundation month.
Promote Rotary Direct as a means of donating to TRF. 
Promote club commitment to Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY).
Polio Plus – District 5020 Polio Plus Society – commit to donate $100/year until Polio is eradicated (only Afghanistan and Pakistan still have cases). Donations are matched 2:1 by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
The Annual Fund. Donations made in a given year are returned to districts and clubs as grants after three years.
The Endowment Fund. With donations and pledges the investment is valued at $1 Billion.
Oak Bay Club giving at a glance:
  • $566,191 Annual Fund all time giving,
  • 38 Paul Harris Fellows,
  • 12 Paul Harris Society Members ($1,000/yr),
  • 9 Major Donors ($10,000 US),
  • 6 Bequest Society ($10,000 US estate plan),
  • 3 Foundation Champions (PHS + Major Donor + Bequest),
  • 6 Rotary Direct Members,
  • 6 Every Rotarian Every Year contributors.
Craig listed ways that members can donate to TRF and illustrated some of the recognition that clubs can earn. This included the EREY award ($25 US/year) and Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member ($100 US/year),
Craig walked us through how to enroll for Foundation giving and how to review our Personal Donor Histories.  This is described in detail in two attachments to these minutes.
Craig finished up by quizzing us on the key points of his presentation, and listing his “asks”:
  • Sign up for Rotary Direct,
  • Become an EREY club,
  • Qualify for Polio Plus club Certificate - minimum $1500.
Jim Hicke thanked Craig for his presentation.
Celebrations Master, Tav Macpherson:
Tav noted some anniversaries including that Art joined the club in 2004 and then he gave a 7-point quiz on the contents of the September Rotary International magazine. All members are to pay a $1 fine for each question they got wrong. Ceci had some happy dollars because Pablo finally go a haircut!
President Steve informed us about some upcoming events: namely that next week (22 September) there will be a Board meeting and that on 29 September, as a Vocational Meeting, former OB Mayor Chris Causton has offered to take club members on a tour of back lanes and allies of OB, ending up at the Penny Farthing.
Closing Video:
Joan F Closed the meeting with two videos:  first a squalling baby being pacified by his father singing a long low sustained tone, and the second of many familiar stars of stage and screen getting down to “Uptown Funk”.
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