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9 June 2020.
By Tav Mac.
The Club Day discussion was held with the objective of hearing the opinions and thoughts from our membership.
There is no question that the post covid world of Rotary will be changed and a new social and business environment will exist in the future months and years. In order to continue to provide service to the community, both local and international, The Rotary Club of Oak Bay will need to adapt to different ways of doing things.
The 27 members in attendance were divided into four teams and asked to discuss one of four club functions. Other than the topic designated there were no boundaries to the discussion and open brainstorming was encouraged.
Below is a summary of the group discussions as delivered by the spokespersons and input from Ceci and Renate.
*Ceci submitted  a couple of ideas and asks the following question, “ l have many easy ideas that could help elderly people and l just can’t find them in google, that means that they don’t exist... so l think it could be a good idea to ask for someone to do them and l will give the 80% to Rotary in case that this project could become available to produce. But l don’t know where or how or whom l can start with this. I will appreciate very much if someone in the club could help me with it.”
Thank you in advance. 
*I think the projects team could help with this…Wendy???? 
*Renate was unable to attend the meeting but she put considerable thought into the project and submitted a lengthy text which is reported below the team reports. Thanks for your excellent input Renate.
*Tigers…Membership reported by Ben.
There will be a considerable change in the way that we attract new members, at least in the short/mid-term.
Social media provides many good opportunities through our web site, Facebook, Instagram, Buzz Victoria and others.
We need to develop a short but concise message summarizing who we are and what we do.
Use testimonials from members and the beneficiaries of our services.
Need to let it be known that we are still open to new members joining us.
Use “friends of Rotary” to refer people to us.
Continue to enthusiastically welcome guests to our zoom meetings.
Induction ceremonies should, as much as possible, continue as normal with adaptation to zoom.
Continue to motivate and engage members in as many activities as possible.
Be inclusive of all different people.
*Elephants…Meetings reported by Krista.
Zoom meetings have proven to be popular. They save time and cost and should be used in the future.
Zoom may be used for committee meetings as well as club meetings.
The down side is that such meetings do not allow for physical interaction. Observing sensible distancing standards, face to face meetings in small groups should be considered in the future. This may be for committee or social purposes and may be held outside where appropriate.
It will be important to make sure that all members stay engaged even though remote meetings are the norm.
It will be important to attract excellent speakers who are comfortable and competent speaking on zoom.
One advantage of zoom is that your speakers can be from anywhere in the world.
Club day, Committee meetings and Board meetings all lend themselves  to the zoom format.
It is important to train all club leaders, and as many members as possible, to use zoom.  
*Hyenas…Fund Raising reported by Tav.
Three themes emerged; distancing, outside and online.
Clearly our themed dinners will be on hold for the foreseeable future.
Perry suggested that we revisit an idea that he had previously proposed. The sale of a themed calendar with cash prizes set at regular intervals is very practical in the covid world. It would require a permit from the government as it is a lottery. The set-up costs may be born in whole or part by advertising revenue. The calendar is sold to Rotary, friends of Rotary and to the public at large. We should use the experience of other clubs. Both perry and Steve have experience in this area.
Pablo suggested that he could perform a concert outside in the appropriate setting. Also a concert could be performed on social media with a request for donations to relevant projects.
Lorna brought forward the notion of an online auction. Such items as cookies for a year, sailboat cruises and online cooking classes could be auctioned.
Enhancing the very successful Flag program is another source of additional revenue. 
*Gorillas…Projects reported by Wendy
Much will stay the same in the area of projects but the team noted that it would be more important than ever to demonstrate substance and not show.
The club should continue to provide service above self to the projects currently under way and to our traditional projects.
The need for International projects will intensify and, locally, food and housing will require greater support.
Having boots on the ground in any project will be more difficult and there will be a need to zoom with our partners.
We can look to RI to see what and where they are focusing.
We should be aware of opportunities to partner with other clubs.
Fund raising will be key in determining what we can support. Access to the grant program will be business as usual.
 *The following excellent thoughts from Renate (received with thanks Tav)
Increasing membership and/or maintaining membership are two important areas of focus for our club.  I think we're on the right track with offering diversity in our midst, although this is more obvious when we are all in the same room together instead of in a virtual atmosphere I've noticed.  Having a range of ages, gender mix and a composite of ethnic backgrounds is so important, and some of this can be celebrated within the club meeting experience - this may encourage those who are somewhat on the fringe to feel they have a part of the club.  I admire Joan's consistent example of reaching out (even in a virtual meeting) to acknowledge people as they come 'in' and at times I've noticed how nice this feature has been (IE: when the youngest family members of Janna and Ryan's family are present for example).  Having individual club members provided with opportunities to acknowledge each other, or interact is much harder in a virtual world, but the 15 minutes ahead of meeting chat time is important.  The notion of having a social night may draw more of the extroverts out, but this is a unique way to keep the membership experience positive for many.  Having greater opportunities to share the work of Rotary may be an ongoing challenge - but this is likely what brought most of us into Rotary to begin with.
Because we may be limited to Zoom meetings for the next year or so, I imagine the choices will be limited to our circumstances and directions from the 
MHO (Dr Henry).   If we are allowed to meet in smaller sized groups, is there an option to have the club members meet in several ways.  For example; one being a virtual meeting that can encompass all members and make this one dynamic and with interesting topics, perhaps twice a month.  For those who need a bit more social interaction, and if a group of 10 are allowed to meet - can the first 10 to sign up participate - such as in an outdoor setting or in an enclosed but spacious setting?  There may be the option to also have board members each 'host' a meeting in person, and if several groups sign up, and break off to meet as a social event this may be a great feature.  It's a similar experience to the "Guess who's coming to dinner' experience that the Victoria Rotary Club has done for many years, I've attended these and they were in groups of 6-8.  With bringing a few food items to share +  if we bring our own plates/cutlery, chairs it could be a fun way to have a lunch gathering.   We could also arrange a 'tailgate' event, using an empty parking lot, park our cars and everyone can spread out with chairs, and this could include larger numbers as outdoor gatherings get approved.
Fund Raising:
This feature is going to also require the aspect of social distancing - and the Flag program does all that in spades!  I would support having people go out into more neighborhoods to invite more Flag subscriptions and expand the number of people involved in this excellent program would be helpful to our bottom line.  And having more of these types of fund raising activities is likely a safer bet, but this would take a good deal of thought that I've not put time into.  Although, I don't think we should overlap other Rotary Clubs with their 'social distancing' fundraising efforts - as each club is likely going to struggle to find good options.
Perhaps committees that are in smaller numbers can likely start meeting in person as restrictions lift, this may be a better way to help strike a balance in generating ideas and finding a balance between local and international projects than in a virtual atmosphere?  By the nature of the questions provided under this heading I was not clear if our usual processes no longer work well in a situation where projects receive a budget, or access to grants have now changed?  These projects can be done with more thought into how members interact with each other or the public, wearing masks when in closer contact for example.   Other than maintaining hygiene practices to protect each other, I think projects of a similar notion to others are all good to consider.  Issues of Food Security amongst many under-served groups are projects I would strongly support though.
And as they've done before, the role of the PR committee becomes doubly important in then highlighting the achievements of these local and international projects and this may generate new membership from those in the community interested in helping others.  We can find many worthy recipients who are affected by this pandemic I'm sure, the need for help with the Food rescue program is going to be something all local Rotary clubs can continue with.  
Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts,
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