Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Bulletin, 6 October, 2020
by Renate MacKenzie
President Steve welcomed us to the first hybrid club meeting in sunny Victoria.  “O Canada” was then sung from ‘coast to coast’.  Doris provided an invocation to give thanks for our very first hybrid meeting, sharing sincere appreciation for the extra-ordinary efforts made in order to make this new meeting format take place.
Visitors, Mike and Sandy Sharlow were soundly welcomed.
Joan F encouraged members to consider buying tickets to participate in World Polio Day on 17 October at 3PM and make our contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  
Joan F also shared the Presidential Citation that was earned by our club. It is awarded by RI to clubs that exhibit outstanding performance over the Rotary Year. Thanks to everyone for their input and efforts during the last year!
Membership Induction.
Ben introduced our newest member, Rob Reed.  Rob was warmly welcomed and recognized for his significant contributions to the community as a business owner and for his efforts in the placement of a  statue to honor Terry Fox, for which Rob was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.  Through social distancing, Rob was provided his name badge and a Rotary pin!
Lorna C introduced the day’s two speakers – Jennifer Sharlow and Dave Maxwell who delivered their Vocational Talks.
Jennifer Sharlow first took us through her early years, including her birth in Ipswich, England. A short time later she arrived in Quesnel, BC when her parents moved there.  The family then moved to  Barkerville and then Victoria, where they still reside.  Following Jennifer’s graduation from the University of Victoria, she returned to England and worked there.  Jennifer shared highlights of working in Uxbridge College, in particular with refugees, in a counselling role.  Given her interest in psychology and spirituality she gained understanding and appreciation working across cultures.  Eventually returning to Victoria, Jennifer and her husband enjoy parenting their three daughters. While her girls were younger, they took on the role of being a homestay family.  Having been a preschool teacher, Jennifer is now pursuing a Master’s Degree at the Vancouver School of Theology and has completed a diploma in leadership from The Sauder School of Business.  Stay tuned to see where Jennifer’s vocation will take her in the future!
Dave Maxwell recognized that his vocation began 40 years ago and concluded just 60 days ago.  One of Dave’s highlights took place in 2005-6 when he became President of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay (and this experience was made more memorable because Joan Firkins was the District Governor that year.) He also remembered his father’s contributions as President of a Rotary club in Ontario 50 years earlier!   After attending the University of Ottawa Dave earned a degree in Kinesiology. He then left his own athletic pursuits to work as a kinesiologist in looking after injured athletes.   A degree in Physiotherapy followed and this led into private practice which eventually took Dave to investigate and learn the business behind the clinic’s operations.  A highlight in 1988 involved meeting Lisa, who had come to the clinic with a sore neck.  They married 2 years later and Dave recognized that the 6 October was indeed a special date as it marks a 30-year celebration of his marriage with Lisa.  While moving from Edmonton to Calgary and then to Victoria, Dave continued to expand his business from one clinic to several. He and his partners then created a large interdisciplinary Centre.  Summit Injury Management became the leader in patient centric care. A few years later it was acquired by the Canadian Back Institute (CBI).  Since there has been the addition of diverse disciplines beyond injury and  CBI now includes vulnerable patient segments such as opioid addiction and chronic pain treatment.  Dave has now completed a 5- year period as CEO of CBI and has led a Canada wide company involving 1200 staff, 4000 rehab specialists and 8,000 HCA’s.  Reflecting a world-class model CBI has performed over 9 million home visits. Earlier this year Dave stepped down from his challenging role and now acts in the role of advising consultant.  He looks forward to whatever is next for him in the future!
Chris took the opportunity to warmly thank Jennifer, while recognizing her work with refugees and her service to others.  He then thanked Dave, recognizing his creative directions in both business and service.
Kris Z. was the Celebration Master, bringing his sense of  humor to the role he encouraged us to self-monitor for any correct answers to his questions. The  incorrect answers would generate $ fines.  He quizzed us on what we knew about Europe, including minutia such as the smallest country in Europe, and the home place of perogies.
Happy Dollars were extensive this week and any omission would be the fault of the recorder.  Lorna celebrates the upcoming wedding of her youngest son and Rob R also celebrates his son’s wedding!  Both Joan P and Jack P celebrated being able to attend in person in our first hybrid meeting.  Heather A appreciated Chris Causton’s tour of Oak Bay, and suggested future tours might occur.  Cici supported the wonderful outcomes from the Good Concerts for Good Causes.  And Janet P. had her first chance to join in a meeting since Covid arrived – she was very pleased to be back.
Given a technical glitch, Joan F. stepped in place of President Steve to close our meeting with the reminder that next week we are meeting by Zoom as it is Club Day.  And to leave us smiling Joan F. posted signs that tickled many a funny bone!
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