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Non-Bulletin, 14 July, 2020
The meeting of 14 July 2020 was a Club Day. There was apparently no reporter for the proceedings but three of our committee chairs shared reports on their discussions. Following there is interesting and useful information. Thanks to Adam, John and Ben as well as their committee associates.
Tav Mac.
The report from Adam Farquharson and the PI Committee.
Fundraising ideas:  These ideas are trying to raise money for the club while at the same time supporting and providing work for local businesses/professionals.
A rotary beer! This has been done by other clubs in America I believe. We have so many local microbreweries on the Island. This would be a unique beer with a label that has the rotary logo on it. Perhaps 5% percent of the profits could go to the rotary club/foundation? I think it could be a win/win. Customers get to support rotary and the brewery sells more beer. Dave mentioned his neighbour works at Philips Brewery and will bring it up with him.
Safe, live music shows outdoors. There are many local musicians who are unable to work because of the pandemic. We could have a fundraiser with local musicians performing. This supports them financially and could raise lots of money for the club. This could be under 50 people, outdoors in a park with social distancing between people, even use masks?
A local food picnic event (like a seafood cookoff or BBQ) - This could be done safely, similar to the chef challenge that is hosted at the mustard seed food distribution centre. But we could do it outdoors, perhaps at Windsor Park? Have large tables with groups of people that are either in each other's social bubbles already? Or just be smart about the spacing and handling of food. Have plated dinners/lunches instead of a buffet style. This could also support our local food providers. The food could be coming from the island, or at least prepared by a local business(s)?
Virtual parties! How can we make a zoom event fun? Is something like Mardi Gras possible to do online? People can eat/drink and talk comfortably from home over zoom. What about music etc. performances? Auctions or trivia games/contests can also be done online.
P.I. focus and recommendations: Continue regular posts on social media and website stories to showcase what our club is doing and invite people to join our meetings/activities. 
Work on our club video that showcases our projects so people can see what we are involved in at a glance. 
Related to that, how can we summarize all of our local projects in a more digestible format as there is so much to read on the homepage. Even if we don't have video footage, perhaps just a video that is a slideshow of photos and captions showcasing more of our local projects. This is useful in attracting people who would join the club out of interest for their local community but not as interested in international projects. Highlight the amount of money that is being brought back into the Oak Bay/Victoria community.
John Jordan and the International Committee. 
Rotary Service in the time of Covid
We consider it a priority to look for the unique needs of our own local community in this time when we cannot travel to developing countries.  It seems appropriate that we would make that search together with the Community Services Committee until restrictions are lifted.  We chose to investigate if the refugee or immigrant communities held opportunities for service projects.  Chris Kershaw will contact the 2 local organizations dealing with those communities to ask.  Ceci suggested that zoom gatherings for meditation are available in many languages and access to them might be facilitated as support in what must be hard times for immigrants.  Chris had been providing English lessons until the Covid shut down and that might be feasible by an internet platform as well.
Kris Z reminded us that poor countries will have huge humanitarian needs for survival in the coming months and we should prepare for that and preserve resources.
Fund raising in the time of Covid
On-line auction may be viable. 
Ceci an Pablo are available ( maybe with their musical ensembles) to play at safe gatherings though locations would have to be carefully selected. 
Maybe dinners can be auctioned and delivered. 
Club has a long list of flag subscribers who believe in Rotary and we might find another way to provide a service or cause to those supporters.
Ben Smillie and the Membership Committee
  • Must be more creative in ways to recruit, with current climate
  • Committee can target a goal of 8 new members for the year, with realization that 10-15% will most likely not renew
  • Propose HYBRID MEETING – as soon as Beach Hotel allows for in person meetings, fill the room with as many pre-registered as permits, and have other follow on Zoom, to allow for some interaction as before
  • Propose to divide membership into 5 groups.  Each member of the committee (Tav, Wolff, Sandi, Andrew, Ben) to be responsible for one group – idea of pushing those individuals in the group to refer people to meetings/join.  Could also be responsible for maintaining engagement of those in the group, or checking in on them.
  • Target businesses for corporate memberships (e.g. Oak Bay Police)
  • Would like a concise summary from each committee chair of what their committee is doing/action plan for the year, to be able to present to potential members (and this could be on website?)
  • Summary of past and current local and international projects (again, maybe easily accessible on the website) to be able to present to potential members, or engage current members.
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