Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Bulletin, 9 June, 2020
by Joan Peggs
President Joan called the meeting to order.  Twenty seven members attended the meeting which was conducted on zoom.
‘O Canada’ was shared by all.
The invocation was accidentally omitted from the beginning of the meeting but Doris Lewis delivered a thought provoking thanks for the meeting and thanks for Rotary message at the end of the gathering.
Club Day.
President Joan explained the format to be used for today’s meeting.
All club members would be arbitrarily assigned a room; each room would discuss one of the topics detailed by Tav Macpherson, Club Secretary.
Instructions for each room:
  1. Select a scribe/reporter.
  2. Discuss the points of your topic; other points might arise. Excellent!
  3. At the end of a set time, rooms would disappear and all members would return to the club meeting format.
  4. Each group would give a brief synopsis of the discussion.
  5. Tav will circulate a supplement to the bulletin in which the group discussions will be summarized.
A new experience for all of us! It worked well.
Group topics:
Tigers…Membership Ben Smillie provided the report
How do we locate and qualify prospective new members?
How do we demonstrate the value of Rotary?
How do we invite prospective new members to join Rotary?
What is the best way to conduct induction ceremonies?
What do we need to do to keep members engaged?
Elephants…Meetings. Krista Voitchovsky provided the report
To Zoom or not to Zoom?
To Zoom sometimes and meet physically at other times?
How do we maintain club morale while distancing?
How do we keep members engaged while distancing?
How do we keep a good flow of quality speakers?
What adjustments do we need to make to the program format?
Training Zoom chairs and meeting coordinators.
Hyenas…Fund Raising. Tav Macpherson provided the report
To whom should/can we appeal?
How do we make a successful appeal?
How do we demonstrate value added and service in return?
Specific new fund-raising projects and ideas.
Gorillas…Projects, Local and International. Wendy Townsend provided the report
How do we conduct committee meetings?
Who do our projects support?
How do we qualify projects?
How do we budget for projects?
How do we access the entire grant system from application to reporting?
How do we relate with the other end organizers?
How do we best serve our communities, near and far?
Until next week
‘Minimize, manage and modify’ the new mantra of Dr Bonnie Henry, BC Public Health Officer.
Meeting adjourned.
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