Rotary Club of Oak Bay Bulletin

2 April, 2019

by Sabrina Corraini

President Peter opened the meeting by announcing that it is Maternal & Child Health month and showed us a short video that follows “Midwives for Haiti”.  They are improving maternal and infant health care in a country with the highest mortality rate of mothers and infants in the world.
Eugen said grace before our meal.
Vicki introduced the Visitors & Guests:
Visiting Rotarians: David Stocks (past District Governor and our speaker today), Tom Kofin, Dan Hardie,
Richard and Judy Taylor of the Regina Oskaya Club
Guest: A-J Trotter
Joan Firkins asked us all to please contribute auction items for our Mardi Gras fundraiser.  Please bring them to the next meeting. She also said that cakes are needed and asked for volunteers to canvas local bakeries and ask for or buy cakes.  Drop Joan a line to let her know what you can get. Do not go to Thrifty’s, please.
Vicki announced that there are volunteers needed for the Mardi Gras fundraiser – none are big jobs so if everyone pitches in it’ll be a great night.  Sign up sheets were circulated on each table during the meeting.
Lynne announced that Wolf has taken a leave of absence and she needs a volunteer to take on his roster duty of setup/takedown in July. Joan Peggs volunteered to do part of the month and Lynne said she’ll do the other part – problem solved!
Joan Peggs announced that again the Butchart Gardens templates are in our Times Colonist papers for those who subscribe to the paper copy.  Fill in the templates and we will donate them to George Jay School so that parents/kids can visit the gardens for low/no cost.  This is an important community project that costs nothing – your participation is appreciated.
Joan Peggs also said that our club’s DTA support is appreciated.  She announced that we have 19 hosts signed up for Home Hospitality on the Thursday night, 9 of whom are from our club.  She also encouraged registration for the DTA…it’s filling up.  The welcome reception is on the Friday at 5 pm at Gov’t House and the Lieutenant Governor will be in attendance.
Health of the club:
Joan Peggs said that she spoke with Nils Jensen’s wife and he’s back in hospital, extreme pain, no visitors.  His wife said there’s nothing for us to do to help her, that other friends/family have stepped up.
Eugen reported no other health issues but noted it’s nice to see Art Joyce back in attendance.
Celebrations Master:
Tav imposed a number of fines at the meeting:
  • Every table had mixed genders as well as guests/visitors, but noted that any tables without children owed a fine.
  • Anybody wearing beads (symbol of wealth) have to pay.
  • Sandy was fined for set up being “ragged”.
  • Wynn was fined because Tav said there’s no discernible record in the Celebrations Master binder that he did anything last month as Celebrations Master.
  • Sabrina was fined for getting others to cover Bulletin duties she’d agreed to cover for others…Ron Cooley snitched! 😊
  • Anyone who went to the hotel today for the meeting was fined.
  • Anyone who played an April Fool’s trick was fined.
  • Tav said that Canada is suffering climate change at twice the rate of the rest of the world, so anyone who didn’t bike/walk to the meeting was fined.
There were no birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate
Happy/Sad Dollars
  • Lorna had happy and sad dollars because she had made some date mistakes on the club’s April calendar and also her printer blew up.  She’s also hoping someone can do setup/takedown of flags for her on the two long weekends she’s away this summer.
  • Neil Rawnsley had happy dollars because although he’s still unable to get mail merge to work from ClubRunner (to show members’ names at beginning of emails), no one has brought his error to his attention – thanks for being so polite!
  • Heather Aked had happy dollars because she’s glad to be back with the club, and also got a new puppy.
  • Pablo Diemecke had happy/sad dollars because he’s sad to leave the club to go to Mexico, but happy that he’ll see Ceci and other family/friends there.
Adam introduced our speaker, Past District Governor David Stocks, who spoke about increasing financial integrity around the world.  Click on the PowerPoint below to access his presentation.
Eugen thanked David Stocks and promised we would get a Rotary mug to him as thanks.
President Peter closed the meeting.
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