BULLETIN, 14 May, 2019

By Victoria Pitt

This Tuesday was a Club Day and while meeting attendance was low, dinner was lovely (Lobster Mac’n’Cheese anyone?)

Visiting Rotarians and guests. Joan Firkins introduced our visitors, Dottie and Dan Lahuta from Olympia They came to Victoria to attend the Conference and stayed to tour around for a few days.



Health of the club President Peter reported that Don O’Coffey is in surgery today but is expected home this evening. Gary Lunden is now exchanging correspondence. He is out of the hospital and is home recovering. It will be a while yet before he can make it to the Club. Trond is out suffering with a very bad back

Grant proposal. John Jordan explained to the members that there is a provisional proposal for a grant sponsored by the club on the tables for everyone to review. This is a project in Mexico in Chiapas to build a community centre which will primarily be a woman’s co-op with weaving and silk screening. The formal proposal will be prepared next week. The members of the club will have the option to go to Chiapas to work on the project either in the Sept/ Oct 2019 or  in Feb/Mar 2020.

Pablo’s concert is on Saturday, June 18 commencing at 2:30 PM at St. Mary’s Church. It will be a concert with strings and wind instruments $25 per person or $22.50 for seniors. It is well worth the money

Youth Services Month. Steve made a presentation with regard to his involvement with Youth Services in his first club in Ottawa. This was a small active club in the Nepean area which gave bursaries of approximately $7000 every year and contributed $50,000 to the community each year. Subsidized housing, libraries, homework clubs and youth exchange programs were included. He said that the youth exchange program was a real uplift to the club and that he is still in contact with many of the students he met at that time. Steve explained that his club in Ottawa did a program called Adventures in High-tech for students interested in technology in his district. The children would be billeted with members and friends of members and then bussed around and shown of the world of high-tech for 4 days and 3 nights. He will put more information about this on our Facebook page. He would like to see us look forward to doing something similar for maybe 5 or 6 children in our own catchment


The Rotary FoundationFoundation Chair Ali Edgell awarded Ben with his 1st Paul Harris, Jeanette with her PH +1, and Rod with his PH+8. Congratulations everyone!

AuctionJoan auctioned off the extra centrepieces from the New Orleans Dinner. They went for $40 whether they were just the plate or included all the foofaraws.  Ali got the first one but turned down the foofaraws!

Celebrations Master.

Rod Sim was the celebrations master and invited us to play a game of Oak Bay Rotary JeopardyFor example:  a famous Canadian at the top of his profession who has pancreatic cancer – Who is Alex Trebek. He designed the sound system for the Dave Dunnett theatre – who is Clare. Members were invited to pay a Toonie to try it for themselves. One question not answered and left  for next week – this person used to spill more popcorn out of the bag than he got  into the bag when working the Oak Bay tea party – Who is ??? This person has the nicest orange handbag in the room – who is Alex ValdelThis member of our club used to be in the Silicon Valley and has actually sat on the dock of the Bay – who is John Jordan. This member of the club got married at a VD clinic – who is Steve who explained that that’s where the Marriage Commissioner was located; if you went through one door you got your test results and if you went through the other door you got married.

Birthdays for the first half of May are Clare, Neil Rawnsley, Eugen Bannerman, and Gary London.

Anniversaries in the 1st half of May Jack and Brandon ( 29 years) Tim and Vicky ( 40 years)

Rotary anniversaries May is a big month…Joan Firkins May 1992, Neil Rawnsley May 1988, Wynne Taylor 1989, Tom Lidkea 1989, Giles Bixler May 2005, Gary London May  2004, and Joan Peggs May  2006

Happy/Sad. Ron Cooley  put in a happy $5 because he enjoyed the home hospitality on Saturday night. Joan Peggs because she is glad that the weekend is finished [she chaired the conference!] Clare because his son, who is undergoing the forest firefighting boot camp in Merit  and who  was training so hard that he went into kidney failure, has with the help of the hospital made a good recovery though he is still on light duties. Alexfor a lovely Mother’s Day. Rod for being able to spend Mother’s Day with his 99-year-old mom when for a while it looked like she might not make it

The draw. The winning number for the draw was 6507 which was held by Ali Edgel but she drew a clear marble so there is still 69 bucks in the pot.

A New Conversation.

Jack Petrie then made a presentation with the idea of bringing forward new conversations. He talked about his grandson when he was 12 learning conversational skills (with the assistance of limits on his allowance as needed!)  Apparently at 12 he thought that conversation existed of telling people what you were doing.  Jack explained that it was about asking others what they were doing.  Later he needed to learn that he could respond so that it was a two-way conversationThe next thing that his grandson needed to learn was to pick his time. Using the same sort of idea, when he had 5 people over for hospitality this last Saturday, Jack asked if anyone had had an adventure in their life. That started off a conversation that went around and around the table and made it a great evening for everyone involved. Jack suggests that we consider learning more of each other by asking good questions. Ben commented that he had asked Joan what she did before retiring and now knows that  she worked for 40 years for RBC (oops! the should be BMO)  but that her last years were less enjoyable then the earlier ones because of the need for meeting up-selling targetsAnother question to consider asking is “what in your life has inspired you?” Jack commented that over the years, communication in his field of real estate has changed substantially with things are disappearing into the ether . Much is done now by text or message and not by a personal visit or a phone call.  This has changed communication patterns but it is still a universal truth that we need to be able to ask questions and carry on a conversation with people. Jack gave another example going back to his grandson who asked Eileen, his 92-year-old neighbour, ( a 92 year old neighbour) “ is anything interesting happening in your life?”.  Apparently, he stayed in for the long haul but after about 20 minutes Jack took pity on him and said he needed to be on his way. Eileen’s comment was that he was the nicest young man she has met in a long timeJack suggested that occasionally we ask questions around the table at club meetings and at work – it’s amazing what you can find out about other people around you when you do this.



John Jordan then announced that he will be in the “upper room” to hand out flags immediately after the meal and will have lots of brochures that can be handed out as well.

Jeanette commented on the Victoria Gospel Choir’s concert.  This is the choir Jack sings in and Jeanette said it was an amazing concert. She was up and dancing and if you have not been to one of their concerts you should go. There were 4 tickets that were given to George Jay and a parent and 3 kids from the choir went and it was a life-changing for them.

Time being 1: 30 the meeting adjourned.

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