Rotary Club of Oak Bay

Bulletin, 22 January, 2019

By Wynn Taylor

President Pete called the Meeting to Order and thanked Adam and Trond for volunteering to help
with the Food Rescue Program distribution at Craigflower School on Wednesday.
Pete showed us William Shatner’s version of the National Anthem before we sang the customary version.
Rod Sim gave the Invocation.

Sandy Currie introduced the Visiting Rotarians and Guests……
Visiting Rotarians:
Kim McGowan – Victoria
Dale Dorward – Port Hardy
Tom Kofin – Edmonton South

Jillyn Shipley Ghekini – guest of Wendy Townsend
Guests of Jack Petrie:

Roberto Cecchini
Victoria Cecchini
John Farquharson
Patty Farquharson
Adam Farquharson
Brannan Petrie


President Pete announced an upcoming Rotary Exchange to Brazil. If you are interested please contact him.

Joan Peggs reminded us of our Rotary meeting for February 26th which will be an evening meeting and dinner, including a White Elephant Event, in support of Polio Plus. Find something bizarre, or not, in your home, wrap it up in newspaper and bring it along for the auction!
Please convey your intentions about attendance to Joan.
Gary Lunden encouraged us to attend the OB Rec presentation on the Carnarvon Park Master Plan this evening from 6-9 pm at the Monterey Centre.

Joan Firkins conducted the induction for new member, Adam Farquharson, sponsored by Jack Petrie. Jack will also be Adam’s mentor. As Adam is a website developer his classification will be ‘Web Design’.
Tom Croft welcomed club members to Jill’s ‘Happy Hour’ Saturday February 23rd from
4-6 pm at the Oak Bay David Foster Foundation Theatre. I have not been able to imbed the lovely picture of Jill in this email but please see attached.

As Celebration Master (Mistress) Vicki Pitt began by fining herself for being last in.
She overheard Kris singing the former words to the National Anthem…a fine.
Apparently the posture of several members during the singing of the National Anthem was not
up to customary standards….putting your hands together in front of your ‘naughty bits’ does not
qualify for standing at attention.
Sandy Currie was fined for his rambling introduction of Visitors and Guests
Joan Firkins had a bright orange jacket with no Rotary logo
Gary Lund paid for his new name.
Ben is the proud father of a baby girl , Isla, born January 6th weighing 8 lb.
Apparently it was a long labour and there were doubting glances cast when Ben said it was
‘Hard on him’.
Jack Petrie was happy that Victoria Scott, a member of his choir, had married Roberto and
was now Victoria Cecchini.  Brannan was the official photographer.
Tom Lidkea confessed that there were two things wrong with him….the first was that he didn’t listen and the second was some ‘undecipherable crap’.

Peter Lawrie won the draw, but drew a clear marble.

Jack Petrie introduced our Guest Speaker, Victoria Cecchini.

Victoria shared part of her life’s journey with us, dividing it into three sections….before India,
in India and post-India.
Victoria works in voice-over recordings and in guiding people to find their real and authentic voice. In India she learned that life is a series of events in which we try to understand the moment when we were born and that the purpose of life is to be yourself.
She was fortunate in finding a good teacher who helped her in her quest to find herself and to live peacefully. Previously she had spent most other life trying to be who other people thought she should be and not being herself. Her solution was to stop talking until the words she spoke were her words. If you don’t have peace within yourself, how can you bring it to others?
We all have larders (cupboards) full of stuff – Her Indian experience helped her to clear herself out. Go through you ‘larder’ and empty it, taking out what is not important. Then decide consciously what you want to put back in….things, people, food etc.
It is important to learn your own voice.
She found that women are more attune to this search.
Learn to be yourself and not what your parents or society dictates.
In her professional work, Victoria sees her job as planting a seed. It is then up to the student to nurture it. In our lives we have all received such seeds….it’s up to us what we do with them.
We all tense up in some part of our body under stress….usually the same part.
This tension affects our breathing.
We must learn to relax.
Our feelings come from ourselves.
By changing our breathing we can change our minds.

Joan Peggs thanked Victoria who was pleased to receive the hand-crafted mug from Fired-Up, created by our Interact students.

The Meeting ended with the reciting of the Four Way Test

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