Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Bulletin, 7 January, 2020
By Ron Cooley
Krista Voitchovsky gave the invocation
President Joan showed us a video that Jack Petrie put together of the Christmas Lunch and some of our Club Officers induction.
Bryan, Ryan (it was Bryan) some confusion over name of person to introduce the visitors and visiting Rotarians:
  • Jill Carter, guest of Will
  • Alex McKenzie and Renate Gibbs
Eugen Bannerman spent some time expounding on the benefits of Guinness as there were no reported health concerns in the club of which he was aware.
President Joan posted an equation for us to work out 4=S on a V.
President Joan read us a thank you note from Rotaract for all of our support.
President Joan thanked all who attended the X'mas lunch, Vic West Elementary for our $1500 donation. She was pleased to see the Food Distribution truck (for which our club is a big supporter and instrumental in founding), arrive while she was there.
We also received an email from George Jay Elementary School for our donation of tickets to Butchart Gardens.
President Joan thanked Joan Peggs for her work on the Poinsettia drive; Heather and Lorna for the horse carriage carolling; Janette for the Purdy's Chocolate sales; Pablo & Ceci Demiecke and Bryan Crockford for the musical performance at the X'mas lunch.
 We had 67 people turn out for a wonderful X'mas lunch.
Joan Peggs held an early bird prize draw for Flag Subscribers. 2 -$25 Thrifty's gift cards.
  • Winners were Anthony Bertuzzi and Lynne Murray
Our Celebration Master was Joan Peggs who started 2020 off in fine fashion with fines for:
  • signing the attendance sheet because you enjoy being here
  • having a name tag-celebrating fact you are a good Rotarian
  • $2 if you forgot
  • Fine for not knowing that Jan 6th was the epiphany
Birthdays for Perry Bamji, Lynne Murray, Jason Ko, Sandy Currie, Joan Firkins and Jack Petrie.
Joan Peggs Noted that it was tradition in our club on your Birthday to donate a $ for every year. Jack Petrie noted that he is losing more enthusiasm with each passing year.
Ryan Gisler is celebrating 5 yrs at the Rotary Club of Oak Bay. Bob Beauvais is celebrating his 1 yr return to us. Bob has a very long tenure with us.
Costco has announced that they will be participating in the Mustard Seed Food Rescue program. They donated a palate of bacon that was not labeled with our 2 official languages so it could not be sold here. Mustard Seed is now receiving 6000 lbs of food a day from Thrifty's, Quality Foods, Fairways and the Red Barn.
Ali Edgell supervised the recycle your unwanted X'mas gift exchange.
  • Finton Gisler started the exchange with a draw of a Vase candle
  • Ryan Gisler received an Air Farce Book.
  • The Top prize of the day goes to Garon Gisler who took home a garish female octopus. Glad it was not me.
Next meeting is a Club Committee day. Adam will be leading a tutorial on using our Website. Do not Miss it.
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