Rwanda Rising Initiative in 2020

Summary of Activities and Accomplishments of Rwanda Rising Initiative in 2020
We brought more kids into schooling in 2020 than ever before - education and training that they would never have been able to afford. And with this education, like the hundreds of our sponsored kids before, they will find or create sustainable jobs and lift their families out of destitution.
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Coffee Fundraiser

We are taking orders for 1 lb bags of freshly roasted, organic coffee in 4 roasts and either whole beans or drip grind. Royston Roasting Co is our generous partner and will supply us with locally roasted, fresh, organic and delicious roasted coffee.
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Rwanda Rising 2020

International Service Director John Jordan spoke eloquently, sharing stories from his involvement in Rwanda. More recently there have been challenges for the impoverished women and families in Rwanda. He described progressive changes from subsistence to success.
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Henrik Horkko - Rotary Exchange student

Henrik Horkko, the Rotary Exchange student from Finland has finished his year with the Victoria Rotary Clubs. He identified the things he learned from his three host families (the Merners, the Sternigs and the Garret family).
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Oak Bay Rotary Club Projects in Mexico

Posted on May 31, 2020
 Six houses have now been built and inhabited since the earthquake in September 2017. The community built the houses, learning as they went along and can now teach others in the community as well. They are very grateful for our support!
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Food Rescue Chef Challenge 2019

Posted on Oct 05, 2019
Thanks to all the Rotarians, Rotary Clubs in Greater Victoria and guests who supported the 2nd Food Rescue Chef Challenge Event.  The event was a sell out with 200 people enjoying tasting and judging the appetizers and desserts.  
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Mardi Gras 2019

Posted on Apr 27, 2019
Mardi Gras results were terrific thanks to the hard work of the committee and to the generosity of our club members and guests - the event fundraised $19,865.92 and was considered a great success!
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The champions came without shoes


A message from John Jordan, a dedicated Oak Bay Rotarian:

A story the club might be interested to hear about. This place is full of hard-scrabble winners.

If they can make a championship out of their field in the jungle, they will make a springboard of the platform we give them. So many opportunities to support here!
Time is going fast. Lots to accomplish first. I am back end Feb. Please see attachment for details

Blessings, John

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